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Epitome of deriving pleasure with trust and reliability.

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Let those special moments be not hindered by discomfort and uneasiness! Use our Latex Based Male Condoms that guarantee superior pleasure and reliability at the same time. Gone are the days when condoms used to be just another regulatory venereal accessory that men would dread for annihilating sensation till the last trace.

We, Heva Fine Products Pvt. Ltd., bring forward a range of male condoms that is synonymous with comfort and pleasure to the sublime. As a manufacturer and exporter with unparalleled repute, our sole aim is to satisfy the innermost desires of our customers with a range of sensation condoms that submerges into skin like the river into the ocean and ensures that the user enjoys every minutiae of the special and bonding moments without compromising with sensitivity and comfort for drawing on precautionary measures. Utilizing quality latex and rubber chemicals, we process rubber sheaths that are extra thin, so as to enkindle sensory stimuli, excitement and satisfaction, yet possess superior strength to withstand extreme friction.

So now you know what to choose for the next time . . .